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China Electronics Fair West Show 2016
China Electronics Fair CEF is the largest and most comprehensive exhibition of electronics and ICT industry in China. With its debut in 1964, CEF has grown up with China s fast-growing economy and witnessed the transition and development of China s electronics and information industry from planned economy to market economy. CEF is composed of spring, summer and fall edition held in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Shanghai respectively with a total exhibition area of 150,000 square meters each year. CEF serves applied fields including 3C, automobile, power supply and defense industry, etc. It helps your companies tap into the world s fastest growing electronics market. CEF is a member of Asian Electronics Exhibition Conference Confederation AEECC , which was established in 1997 to encourage mutual promotional cooperation activities among top 5 electronics and IT exhibition organizers in the Asia region. AEECC members include China Electronics Fair, CEATEC JAPAN, Hong Kong Electronics Fair, Korea Electronics Show and Taitronics. 1 Chengdu New Future of China Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province and acts as the gateway to the southwestern region. This city is also the economic, commercial, finance, transportation and communication center of southwestern China Chengdu has witnessed rapid economic development in recent years, becoming the largest economy in Sichuan and the second largest economy in central and western China. As one of the most important electronic information industry bases in China Chengdu has its advantage on research & development. 2 Chengdu The Silicon Valley of Western China 302 Fortune 500 companies had set up branches in Chengdu. 3 China-Korea Innovation Park Last October, Premier Li Keqiang and President Park Geun-hye in Korea talked about setting China-Korea Innovation Park in Chengdu. Both Korea and China government place great emphasis on it. 4 Explore New Business Opportunities in Western China IC, new pattern com
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Profile for exhibit include Electronic Component, Electronic Material, Electronic Manufacturing Equipment, Testing & Measurement Equipment, Consumer Electronics, Computer/ Network & Equipment, Communication/ Broadcasting Equipments, Automotive Electronics, Avionics/ Defense Electronics, Medical Electronics, Electrical/ Power Equipment, Security/ Surveillance Equipment, Building Electronics Equipment, Mechanical Engineering/ Industrial Control and etc.
China Electronics Fair CEF is one of the most significant and largest professional exhibitions. It is essential for senior managers of electronic applications, technical engineers, researchers, purchasing engineers, i.e. to attend the show. The exhibition plays an important role in their R & D and purchasing activities. The target buyers we invite are from various industries, including consumer electronics, audio-visual, household electronics, information/ communication technology, mechanical engineering/ industrial control, automotive electronics, aerospace technology, lighting, security monitoring, power electronics, medical technology and electrical industries.
Organiser Details
China Electronic Appliance Corp.
Rongzi Shen
49 Fuxing Road, Beijing, China
Beijing, China
86-10-5166 2329
Fax: 86-10-53216103

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